St. Francis Church Choir

New Members

St. Francis's Church Choir is currently looking for new members at the moment. They are a mixed choir consisting of Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses. The rehearsal takes place every Monday evening between 7:30-9p.m. from September to June and they sing at 12:00p.m. mass every Sunday with rehearsal at 11:15a.m before mass. If you got a singing voice for any one of the 4 parts particularly Tenors and Basses, you will be most welcome to drop into the mass office near the front of the church before 7:30p.m. on Monday nights.
If the door is closed after that time, ring the door bell on the double doors to the right of the mass office entrance.
Parking available in the church car park on the North Main Street side, strictly for choir members only.
Choir Headquaters
St. Francis Church in Liberty Street (located behind the court house in Washington Street), Cork City Centre where the choir practises from September to June and sings at 12p.m. mass every Sunday.

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For more details, you can enquire from any of the choir members before or after mass up in the gallery or e-mail us at
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