The Church of St. Francis is located in an old part of Cork City, traditionally known as the Marsh, the word which is the translation of Corcaigh and when anglicized, it became known as Cork. The present-day friary stands on the site of the Old Broad Lane church (shown above). Workmen discovered a part of the old wall of Cork while preparing the ground for the building of the friary which began with the laying of the foundation stone in 2nd August 1949 and St. Francis church was officially opened in 14th July 1953 by Bishop Cornellius Lucey and workmen also discovered an inscribed stone which is now part of the wall of the friary which reads:

'Made at Cork i anno Dni 1586 XXIII June -:
Thy sagred Name o Lorde
Engrave within my breast
Sith therein doth consist
My weal and onlie rest'

The church was designed by John Bently in the Byzantine style.

St. Francis church has a long tradition and pride in its choir since its opening in 1954. It has added greatly to the spiritual and liturigal life of the church.

St. Francis Church, Cork
View of St. Francis church by night

Church Interior
(Gallery view)
View from the Gallery